Third International Conference on Organizational Routines
« Empirical research and conceptual foundations »
Strasbourg, 25-26 May 2007


The European Parliament in Strasbourg

The concept of organizational routines continues to attract interest in the business, organization, strategy, and economics literatures. An increasing number of publications now uses the concept in analyzing a variety of organizational phenomena.

This third conference organized by the international research network on organizational routines ( with Prof. Sidney Winter and Prof. Richard Nelson as invited speakers provides an occasion for researchers interested in advancing our understanding of organizational phenomena by drawing on the concept of organizational routines.

The conference focuses on two tasks that lie ahead in making advance:

(1) Advancing our understanding of how the concept of organizational routines can be employed in empirical research to cast light on organizational phenomena, and accumulating such empirical studies;
(2) Getting a firmer grip on the conceptual foundations of organizational routines.

The conference will take place in Strasbourg. Information on practicalities will be issued later.

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Organizers:  Markus Becker -  and  Nathalie Lazaric -   update: May 18, 2007